Monday, April 10, 2006

PPVW Final Video link

Hi everyone,

sorry for the delay in posting the video. I've been unable to set up the video so it streams as it downloads - If anyone can help that would be much appreciated.

If not here are a couple of versions (they are still quite large).

Low Quality (11 mb)

Medium Quality (25 mb)

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Images from Fed Square

Images from the Ride on Dinner

Pedal Powered Possibility Forum

Friday 17 Feb - Presentation to the stakeholders involved with the project.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006



The vehicles and accessories designed and prototyped through the Pedal-Powered Vehicle Workshop will be displayed for public comment and discussion, along with examples of work-trikes and bikes by two leading Australian human-powered vehicle developers and manufacturers Greenspeed and Trisled.

WHEN: 10am-5pm both Sat 18th & Sun 19th Feb

WHERE: Federation Square central plaza, Melbourne

finale forum

A forum presenting pedal-powered vehicles and sustainable transport strategy

A two-part forum, firstly with guest speakers discussing sustainable transport planning in Melbourne and the potential of increasing a work-cycle culture, to be followed by a series of presentations to transportation stakeholders from the Pedal-Powered Vehicle Workshop participants that propose ideas to ‘make pedal-powered work’, including vehicle prototypes.

WHEN: 9.30am-12.30pm Fri 17th Feb

WHERE: RMIT City Campus, Ground Floor, Building 50, 11 Orr St
(behind NW corner of Victoria & Lygons Sts)

Andrew Korr, Transport Planning Coordinator of City of Melbourne
Cr Jackie M Fristacky, Mayor City of Yarra & Deputy Chair of the Metropolitan Transport Forum

Ben Goodall - Designer & Director, Trisled Human Powered Vehicles
Rob Moore - Manager Urban Design, City of Melbourne
Darren Andrews - Director - Environmental Services, Green Collect Limited
Paul Simms - Greenspeed Recumbent Trikes & HPVs,
Damon Rao, Planning and Policy, Department of Infrastructure
Andrew Martin – Blackrose Cycles
. . . and more

And even our metal is carted by bike

that is, by Bill on his bike with trolley and 40kg metal in tow.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Folding Trailer

The basic premise for the folding trailer has remained largely unchanged through the development process. An early wooden model was made and this was used as the basis for a lightweight aluminium frame made later. The frame uses stainless steel hinges.

Simon was able to get lightwight Acrylic wheels.
The design also uses an asymetrical mount off the rear wheel.
The original concept was to have a locking mechanism that left the trolley in its chosen shape - Now the shape will be held in place by a basket/tray locked to the top of the frame.

Bike to Load Carrying Trike conversion

This team's goal is to create a trailer that can link to the rear drive wheel of an existing bike turning it into a load carrying trike.

The basic design has remained the same throughout the past week however compromises have been made due to material and tool availability.

Tricky Trike - Recumbent load carrier

The "tricky Trike" team have been rapidly developing a single frame trailer/transport. Initial ideas were using the front end off an existing bike, however, further development led to a redesign with a recumbent configuration. The bike frame is steel with a wooden custom made trailer insert.
The development process included chalk drawings, 3d CAD sketching and Cardboard Mockups.

The team also has their own dedicated blog here

Shopping Trailer

Through extensive development and drawing James, helped by Matteo, Shreya and Luca, developed a shopping trailer that hitched to the back of the bike when taken to and from the shops.

A choice was made early on to use existing baskets (the plastic ones available instore as well as the wire ones able to be purchased). These baskets went through various configurations before a basic steel tubing frame was made up.

Small One-Wheeled Trailer

Bill has been developing a one wheel trailer and hitch assembly.

The basic concept is based on an asymetrical connection to the rear wheel and the trailer is made from thin bent steel tubing.

Once the basic concept was tested he refined the components - making a new trailer out of a continuous piece of tubing. He is also going to revisit the hitching connection -refining it to make it stronger still and able to wrap around a standard crate.

Ride-On Dinner

6pm Fri 17th Feb
starting at north end (corner of Carlton & Canning Sts) . . .

grab your cycle and an appetite for the spice of life to join a cavalcade of cyclists served a 3-course meal, pausing in 3 different locations, over a 3-hour evening inner-city ride . . . meals are limited! . . . the first 50 people to register for the Ride-On-Dinner will receive confirmation to be fed, receive a map, and a cycle-worthy napkin. . . all cyclists welcome to pedal alongside. . .

register by sending an email to

the Ride-On-Dinner event is pedalled by artist Mick Douglas and participants of the Pedal-Powered Vehicles Workshop, a 3-week intensive program of events exploring the possibilities of work-cycles, hosted by the Cultural Transports Unit of RMIT

(food on the ride-on-dinner will be a no-meat no-dairy damn fine feast sure to please all!)

Ceri's Contraptions

Ceri (from Rmit Public Art) has been working on a range of pedal powered possibilities often mixing unusual objects with rescued bike components.

These include a scooter driven post office crate & a plastic crate trolley.